Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

It’s time for your yearly family vacation, excitement is in the air, the suitcases are packed and by the door. However, did you remember to secure your home while you’re away?

Statistics show most homes are broken into while the residents are out of town, don’t be an unscrupulous robbers’ next victim.

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The following tips will help defer any robbers’ and make it look like your home is occupied and you’re going about your business as usual.

Technology & Inside Your Home

Smartphones are a great way to help keep your home safe. You can turn lights on and off at specific times, however, it’s best to mix it up just a little such as turning the lights on and off at a different time each day you’re away but only by 15 minutes or so because very few people have such a rigorous schedule that they turn their lights on and off in the same rooms at the same time. You need to stagger it a little bit different lights at different times.

Also, it goes without saying make sure all your windows and doors are securely locked before you leave.

Outside Your Home

If you have a garage park your car in it, this way no one will know it hasn’t left the driveway in days. Do not leave a key outside and have your newspaper service stopped while you’re away and have the post office hold your mail. Have your landscapers come at their regular time. If you have a sprinkler system leave that as it is and have a family member, friend, or neighbor stop by daily at a different time and check things out to make sure all is well.

Once you return home you may decide to make some changes to your homeowners’ policy call Centennial State Insurance Agency in Bailey, CO to set up an appointment.