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Commercial Insurance

If you have or are starting a business in Colorado, commercial insurance should play a role in your loss prevention efforts. Like locks on doors or a security system, commercial insurance is a reasonable and valuable step in protecting your property.

The Small Business Administration has some tips for buying the business and commercial insurance. Take the following information into consideration when shopping for commercial insurance in Colorado.

  1. Determine your risk. Every business faces different risks.Your agent can help you determine yours when they become familiar with how, whenand where you conduct business. Policies also generally come in a choice of deductibles that can increase or lessen your exposure. These deductibles will likely affect your premiums.
  2. Find an agent who is reputable and licensed. Local agents like ourselves are often a good choice because they live and work in your community. They are there to assist you when you have questions and can also help if a claim becomes necessary.
  3. Consider buying a Business Owners Policy (BOP). A BOP is a la carte coverage put together for your particular business. It is an efficient way to get the complete coverage you need without paying for coverage you may not.
  4. Review your business insurance annually. Businesses grow and change, adding new products and inventory. Risks can change. Getting an insurance review annually is a good idea to make sure your coverage is keeping up. An independent agent can review policies from any company.
  5. Compare. This is where an independent agency can help. Independent agents are not captive to representing the products of just one company. That means they can compare different companies for you with one call.

Centennial State Insurance of Colorado is an independent insurance agency who can review and compare your business insurance policies. Contact us for the protection you need at a price you can afford.