Does Commercial Insurance Protect A Business Against Visitor Injuries?

Many business owners, or potential business owners, are not clear on whether or not their commercial insurance covers them against liability if a visitor to the business is injured. Knowing what your insurance covers is the best way to protect yourself against costly gaps in coverage.

If A Visitor Is Injured, Am I Covered?

In most cases, your commercial insurance will cover injuries that a visitor sustains on your property or location of your business. Ask your insurance provider to explain how much coverage your policy offers, and whether or not you may need additional coverage such as umbrella insurance. Commercial Insurance includes liability, but make sure you are aware of the limits of coverage before agreeing to make a purchase. Each business has its own special needs, and that needs to be a point to consider when shopping for a policy.

Get A Professional Opinion

If you want to get the right amount of coverage, you should work with a professional insurance provider that can sit down with you one on one to discuss your coverage options. They can help point out potential pitfalls and benefits of available coverage. This will help you get the coverage you need to secure the future of your business. Business owners in and around the Bailey, CO area can rely on Centennial State Insurance Agency to give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Business owners located in and around Bailey, CO know they can count on Centennial State Insurance Agency to provide them with insurance products that fit their needs. If you are shopping for commercial insurance, call or stop by to speak with a knowledgeable insurance representative today.

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