Colorado Car Insurance: Does It Cover Me or My Car?

colorado car insurance

When you buy car insurance you may wonder what exactly is covered. You know the kinds of coverage you have chosen. In Colorado, you need to carry liability insurance and then you can choose additional amounts of coverage in the form of collision and comprehensive. But do you know if you are covered if you drive your friend’s car? Is your friend covered if they drive your car? Very good questions. If you have Centennial State Insurance Agency in Bailey, CO you will have an experienced team on your side to answer any questions you may have. 

Let’s face it, you will probably not be the only person who ever drives your car. Chances are a family member or a friend at some point will use your vehicle. What if they have an accident?

Colorado Car Insurance Explained

In the state of Colorado, the insurance follows the car. That means the coverage you have on your vehicle, is always there no matter who is driving. You are the primary coverage which means it is also your premium that will rise if your insurance has to pay a claim and you who will owe any deductible. This is only the case if the person has your permission to drive your car. If they have insurance and no permission their insurance is primary. 

If someone is a regular user of your vehicle it is a good idea to list them on your policy as a driver. In Colorado, you can also exclude people from your insurance due to a poor driving record or other reasons. 

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