Mountain Insurance in Steamboat Springs, CO

mountain insurance in Steamboat Springs, CO

Settled just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, Steamboat Springs, Colorado offers limitless adventure and opportunity. Home to multiple resorts, the Steamboat Ski Resort, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Yampa River Botanic Park, and the Alpine Slide, the city promises full entertainment and adventure for its residents and visitors year-round. Although you may be captivated by the evolving beauty of Steamboat Springs, CO, you must always consider the risk of wildfires and be prepared in advance. Is your home in or near the area? We discuss how you can prepare for wildfires by securing mountain insurance in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Mountain Insurance in Steamboat Springs, CO

It is so easy to find yourself quickly immersed in the breathtaking landscape of Steamboat Springs, CO. However, while immersed in the surrounding nature, have you considered the danger and risks associated with living near the mountains? In unpredictable acts of nature with events such as a wildfire, it is comforting to rest assured that you and your family will be properly cared for when covered under mountain insurance.

Update Your Mountain Insurance Policy to Include Wildfire Insurance Coverage

Regardless if you are about to enter wildfire season or it just ended, contact your insurance agent to evaluate your individual risks and verify that you have adequate coverage. Keep in mind that once there is an active wildfire in or near your area, insurance plans are temporarily frozen, meaning that you cannot amend or issue an insurance policy until the fire is controlled and extinguished.

Most people successfully secure dwelling coverage or homeowner’s insurance with adequate limits to replace any damage to the property in the event of a wildfire breaking out in your area. However, before your insurance policy freezes, here are a few additional things you can do to protect your home.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

As it pertains to wildfire coverage, an additional special insurance coverage to look for is the additional living expense, the amount paid to you if you need to evacuate or find temporary living arrangements throughout the duration of your home rebuild. Therefore, it is paramount to solidify an adequate amount of coverage for the duration of time you are out of the home.

Auto Coverage

It is imperative that your auto insurance provides adequate coverage. By failing to secure comprehensive coverage on your automobiles, you risk the result of not receiving a replacement vehicle in the event of a comprehensive auto claim such as a wildfire.

Secure Your Mountain Insurance in Steamboat Springs, CO with Centennial State Insurance Agency

If you are looking for the right coverage while living near the mountains in Steamboat Springs, CO, our experts at Centennial State Insurance Agency are ready to help! As mountain insurance specialists, we understand what is takes to insure homes properly, making sure your home is rebuilt and you are properly taken care of. 

According to insurance agent Savannah Martin at Centennial State Insurance Agency:

“We understand the unique needs of those located in wildfire areas and work with insurance companies to understand this as well. We are able to help you with your home, auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, business, or life insurance needs. We pride ourselves in working with our clients and educating them on their insurance needs while providing excellent customer service.”

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