Risks To Your Home In Colorado

One of the big risks for homeowners in Bailey, CO is wildfires. It’s great living in a state where you can be surrounded by such beautiful forests and mountains, but that does come with a downside, especially with how dry it can get in Colorado come Summer and Fall.

We have all the same risks as homeowners in other states, too. We have flooding, burglary and so on, but wildfires can happen out of nowhere and do a lot of damage very quickly, burning whole neighborhoods down to ash in a single afternoon. So that’s one of the things that we really need to be on the lookout for when we sign our insurance policies with Centennial State Insurance Agency.

Other concerns specific to the region are cumulative. The dry climate, for instance, can wear a home down much quicker than the moister climate in a place like Florida. In Florida, dry winds can cut away at siding like sandpaper, chewing at the home in bits and pieces. This is why proper home care is so important here. You definitely want to give your home a fresh coat of paint every few years to ensure that it doesn’t get slowly sanded away to a pile of sawdust after a few decades.

Luckily, when you call Centennial State Insurance Agency, we can tell you, specifically, what you need to worry about given the particular build and age of your home in Bailey, CO. Every zip code has its own problems that homeowners face, and every home has its own specific problems, as well. A prefab and a brownstone have their own challenges, and you need a policy that reflects your particular risks.

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