What to Know About Home Insurance

In most cases, people buy insurance not because they want to, but because they view it as a necessary evil. At first, it may feel like that because of the terms and conditions. But, when your house or property is damaged due to an unforeseen event, and your insurance cover caters for the damage, you will be very glad you signed up for it.

There are various kinds of insurance policies that you can get from your trusted insurance company. But what can apply to almost every individual is home insurance. Your home is most likely your biggest investment. You have spent so much building your home, and in the same spirit, you must also protect it from any unexpected events and at the same time protect your family.

Given that most people don’t understand insurance, Centennial State Insurance Agency which serves Bailey, CO, has taken the step to educate you on home insurance. We value your family and understand how much effort and time you have taken to build it. So, here is a glimpse of all you need to know about home insurance.

There are two types of home insurance coverage

The two covers include building cover and contents cover. With building insurance cover, your building which is the house structure is protected from fire, floods, malicious damage and storms among more. On the other hand, with contents insurance cover, all your belongings are covered against theft, vandalism, floods, fire and other unexpected events as long as they are included in your policy.

Home valuation is crucial

It is critical that you take a cover which is enough to cover your property in case of damage. To get the right value, we recommend that you do home valuation. Go from one room to another noting the value of each item you have.

Consider the option of new for old

At Bailey, CO, Centennial State Insurance Agency, we have the option of replacing your old product with a new product which is a new version of the old. That is instead of refunding you with money worth your old product. It is up to you to consider this option, but we highly recommend it.

There is more to home insurance. Please feel free to contact or visit our website for more information. Remember: we are here because of you.

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