3 Winter Driving Conditions That May Impact Your Auto Insurance

winter driving conditions

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3 Winter Driving Conditions to Consider with Your Auto Insurance

As you travel through Bailey, CO, and other parts of the region, auto insurance will cover you. The policy protects your vehicle if it is damaged due to a collision or if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage is an asset, as you will be protected if you are involved in a collision and you may be held liable for the damage. Liability coverage is especially important during the winter when driving becomes more dangerous. Here are some variables to consider concerning winter driving conditions.

Ice & Poor Visibility

Icy conditions during the winter help increase the risk of collision. You will also have to deal with poor visibility at times. Make sure that you drive a little slower during the winter in order to make sure that you have time to adjust to the conditions.


When you aren’t driving your vehicle, consider adding storage coverage. Storage coverage will protect your vehicle if inclement weather causes damaged to your vehicle. Falling snow could possibly leak into your storage unit and cause damage to your vehicle. You also have to be aware of falling tree branches causing potential damage to your vehicle.

Emergency Towing or a Tire Change

Consider amending your policy to include roadside assistance so that you will be covered if you need emergency towing or a tire change. Also, uninsured motorist coverage is another potential asset during the winter. The policy covers you if you are involved in a collision and the other party does not have coverage.

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