Uninsured Car: Will Home Insurance Cover It?

uninsured car

Your everyday car, the one that you use to go to work, the one that you use for grocery trips, that one’s going to have its own car insurance policy. But what about the old clunker in the garage, the one that could be a thing of beauty when you get the time to repair it? You don’t exactly want to take out a whole car insurance policy for something that you’re not taking out on the road anytime soon, but what if something happens to your uninsured car? Will your home insurance foot the bill?

Uninsured Car: Will Home Insurance Cover It?

The short answer: No. Not unless you have a rider specifically covering that car.

However, your home insurance can cover a car in storage, but only if you specifically arrange that with your insurer. In other words, you can’t just add it to your inventory along with jewelry and electronics, you have to actually call your Bailey, CO insurance agent and work something out.

Insuring an Uninsured Car

You can get covered for a car that you store at home, but it’s not just another “possession,” so your insurance policy isn’t going to cover it by default.

If your car is being stored at a facility, the owners of that facility may have their own insurance in place for you, or a policy you can buy, and you don’t have to worry about it. But if you keep an old out-of-commission car at home, you’re going to want to make arrangements.

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