How Do I Know if I Need Commercial Insurance?

commercial auto insurance vs personal auto insurance

If you own a business, you may need commercial insurance. However, the line between personal and commercial policies can be confusing. If you are a sole proprietor, you will have different insurance needs than a large corporation. At Centennial State Insurance Agency in Bailey, CO, our agents help clients understand their insurance needs. 

Commercial Auto Insurance vs Personal Auto Insurance

The line is often blurred when it comes to personal vs commercial auto insurance. You don’t have to own your own business to need a commercial insurance policy. If you use your vehicle to commute to work, you don’t need a commercial auto insurance policy.

However, if you frequently use your vehicle to transport things for your job, you do. This includes delivering pizzas or transporting people. If you carry equipment to the job site, you may need commercial auto insurance as well.

Another rule of thumb, if you are driving while you are on the company’s time, you will probably need commercial insurance. If you work for a company, the company may cover you under its commercial policy, but you need to be sure before you drive as part of your job. 

Commercial Insurance vs Homeowner’s Insurance

This is another grey area. In many cases, it’s clear. If your property is strictly for business use, you will need a commercial insurance policy. If you work from home, it’s not so cut and dry. Commercial insurance is much more flexible than residential insurance, so it’s possible to tailor a policy to your needs. If you own a home-based business, commercial insurance can cover your business equipment and liability associated with your business. Your homeowner’s policy isn’t likely to cover a customer getting injured on your property or lost inventory. 

Which policies you need can be complex. At Centennial State Insurance Agency in Bailey, CO, our agents will discuss all your options and help you decide which policies are best for your needs. 

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