Mountain Insurance in Breckenridge, CO

Mountain Insurance in Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO, is home to the Breckenridge Ski Resort, Nordic Ski Center, Mohawk Lakes, and Epic Discovery. This town offers countless activities surrounded by nature to its residents and guests year-round. However, it is important that homeowners and business owners alike secure proper wildfire insurance for their property and assets. In the content below, we will explore how wildfire insurance is imperative to those living near the mountains, and the types of mountain insurance in Breckenridge, CO.

Mountain Insurance and Wildfire Insurance

While living in or near the mountains, you get the breathtaking views of forestry, lakes, and mountainous peaks. However, while enjoying the nature around you, it may be easy to forget the danger it can bring.

The Cherry Canyon Fire from May of 2020 brought devasting flames across 11,818 acres located 10 miles NW of Kim, CO. Although started from a natural strike of lightning, this canyon fire could have made many homeowners homeless for a time.

In unanticipated events such as this, it is comforting to know that you and your family or business will be properly taken care of when covered under mountain insurance in Breckenridge, CO. Below, we explore the best mountain insurance coverages to secure in the event of a wildfire.

Replacement Cost Coverage

It is crucial that you ensure your personal property coverage contains replacement cost coverage on your policy to reimburse you for any personal items in your home lost in a fire. This coverage allows a full reimbursement to replace your items at no additional cost to you.

Separate Structures Coverage

Your separate structures are another area of concern to properly insure in the event of a wildfire. These structures may include detached garages, sheds, or other items built on your property. Oftentimes, in original policies, these are written with low coverage limits. However, they can be increased to make sure there is adequate coverage to replace these.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

As it pertains to wildfire coverage, an additional special insurance coverage to look for is the additional living expense, the amount paid to you if you need to evacuate or find temporary living arrangements throughout the duration of your home rebuild. It is paramount to solidify an adequate amount of coverage for the duration of time you are out of the home.

Auto Coverage

Finally, do not leave your autos uninsured or without adequate coverage. By failing to secure comprehensive coverage on your automobiles, you risk not receiving a replacement vehicle in the event of a comprehensive auto claim, such as a wildfire.

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According to insurance agent Savannah Martin at Centennial State Insurance Agency:

“We understand the unique needs of those located in wildfire areas and work with insurance companies to understand this as well. We are able to help you with your home, auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, business, or life insurance needs. We pride ourselves in working with our clients and educating them on their insurance needs while providing excellent customer service.”

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