What Can Happen if You Don’t Have Auto Insurance?

Driving without auto insurance in Bailey, CO is not just something that can cost you a lot more money by making you pay out of pocket for repair costs. You can get into some additional legal trouble as well. It is always smart to at least have the minimum coverage that you can get from Centennial State Insurance Agency so that you can ensure that you do not break any laws. This is what can happen if you are caught driving without auto insurance.

  • Fines – You may be hit with a fine of $500 for your first offense and up to $1,000 or more for every offense after that.
  • Community Service – With your first offense, you can have up to 40 hours of community service. For every offense after that, it may vary depending on your history.
  • Imprisonment – While you won’t be sent to jail for your first offense, for every offense after that you will get a minimum of 10 days and up to a year of jail time.
  • Points – Every time you are caught without auto insurance, you will get 4 points added to your driving record.
  • Rights to Drive – With your first offense, you will have your driver’s license, your license plates, and your registration suspended until you provide proof of adequate insurance. With the second offense, these will be suspended for four months regardless of when you get adequate coverage. For your third and all subsequent offenses, you will have these things suspended for eight months regardless of when you get adequate coverage.

Now that you know that there are some real repercussions for driving without auto insurance, you should make sure that you have the right amount of coverage. Contact Centennial State Insurance Agency, serving Bailey, CO, today to get your quote.

When Should Upgrade My Commercial Insurance?

Most people don’t think to update their insurance policies, even if they’ve remodeled their home or added an expensive stereo system to their car. However, Centennial State Insurance Agency in Bailey, CO can tell you that commercial insurance is a little different. When you have employees and clients that you’re responsible for, you have to be extra cautious about the type of commercial insurance you have.

Expanding your Commercial Insurance Policy

This is usually the biggest reason why people need more commercial insurance. As your business grows, you start doing more and adding more people. The more people you have involved with your business, the more likely it is something will go wrong. The more things you’re doing, the more likely it is that there will be a mishap or accident. While most everything that happens in your business will be routine, there will be odd circumstances that arise from time to time. Clients or employees may be hurt or property might be damaged during a natural weather event such as a blizzard. Expanding a business can be a lot of fun, but it comes with its fair share of risks too.

Risks of Insurance Coverage

Part of commercial insurance is just being realistic about your risks. If you conduct business in a high-crime area or, for some reason, you’re more at risk for theft in Bailey, CO, you may want to have additional limits for your coverage. If your business has a lot of windows that tend to be affected by major storms, then you may need more property coverage. Calling Centennial State Insurance Agency may be one of the best ways for you to understand when and how to upgrade your commercial insurance. For more information, contact us today to find out more about our policies and our rates.

Why You Need Cyber Insurance

Cyber breaches to large companies like Equifax and HBO or ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya have been in the news a lot recently. Cyber threats are a growing industry, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent every year due to hacking. Small businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, with 60% of them closing within 6 months of an attack. Most small businesses don’t believe they are at risk, or are unaware that cyber insurance is available at a reasonable cost.

There are several different ways your business can be susceptible to online attacks. Attacks that focus on your computer system and software, such as Ransomware and Malware are the most common. Hackers use human or technical weaknesses to access your computer system. With a ransomware attack, the hackers will encrypt your businesses data and demand a ransom to unlock it.  A Malware attack destroys the information, limiting your access and ability to do business. Attacks can also include web-based attacks where hackers access websites, payment devices, cloud storage and social media accounts, posting private information or restricting clients from being able to access your site.

Your risk online is not limited to hackers. Every business has a human element that can put sensitive information at risk. Ex-employees can steal and distribute company data. Current employees can be tricked into breaking procedure or doing non-work tasks at the office that put their computer at risk. Or you could simply leave your work laptop in the booth next to you after an office lunch or have a flash drive drop out of your purse while you were searching for keys.

Most cyber insurance policies are two-fold and provide coverage for 1st party and 3rd party liability. The 1st party liability coverage includes notification coverage to those clients effected by the breach. This cost can be very high, and can include paying computer forensic experts who verify which clients have been affected. It can also include the cost and man hours it takes to call, mail and contact all the people effected. Extortion costs, media liability and public relation costs can also be included. Business Interruption coverage is also available to keep your business afloat while your doors are closed. 3rd party liability coverage helps with the cost of litigation that may arise from a data breach, theft or denial of access to your information.

Cyber insurance is affordable and available through most carriers. Many of our companies offer packages where you can pick what coverages you want. Call us today to discuss your cyber exposure and insurance needs!

How to Choose the Right Home Insurance Policy

The most significant investment that most people will ever make is buying a new home. To ensure that your investment is adequately protected, you should have a quality home insurance policy. When you are looking for a new home insurance policy, several factors should be included to ensure your home is adequately protected.

Property Damage

For those that are in the Bailey, CO area, one factor that needs to be included in your home insurance policy is a proper level of property damage coverage. A property damage policy will provide you with insurance coverage in the event your home is damaged, vandalized, or burglarized. When you are considering the amount of coverage to buy, you need to consider the value of your home carefully, the cost to rebuild your home, and your debt owed to the mortgage lender. The mortgage lender will also likely have minimum requirements to ensure your compliance with a loan.


Your insurance policy also needs to have a certain level of liability insurance. When a visitor comes to your property, you could be held liable if they are injured. The liability insurance policy will provide you with coverage in the event you are found liable and are sued.

Personal Property

If you have expensive personal property, such as jewelry or valuable art, it may not be covered by your basic insurance package. In these cases, you need to get an insurance rider to ensure that the personal items are correctly included.

For those that are in the Bailey, CO area, it would be a smart idea to reach out to the Centennial State Insurance Agency. The Centennial State Insurance Agency is a very experienced consumer insurance company that can help you determine your exact home insurance needs. They can then help you prepare a home insurance policy and provide you a quote for the costs. Reach out to our agents for more information.


What is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage and why should I purchase it?

What is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage and why should I purchase it?


Uninsured motorist insurance covers medical injuries to you and the people in your car if you are struck by someone who does not have insurance. The second part of the coverage “Underinsured” comes in to play when the person who hit you has lower limits of coverage than the injuries you have sustained in the accident. There are many drivers who opt to carry the State Minimum of 25,000/50,000/15,000. The first number is the maximum their policy will pay, per person, for personal injury, 25,000 doesn’t go very far these days when it comes to medical costs. Also, most don’t realize that uninsured motorist insurance also covers you if you are struck as a pedestrian walking across the street or riding your bike.

The cost of uninsured motorist coverage is affordable and protects you and the people who ride in your car. Not everyone we offer a ride to has health insurance coverage. If you carpool or are helping deliver a car full of kids to a soccer game, it is always wise to make sure that your auto insurance policy has not only uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, but that the limits of uninsured motorist coverage match your currently liability limits.

Additionally, if you no longer carry full coverage on your vehicle (comprehensive and collision coverage), you can purchase Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage. If you sustain damage to your vehicle, if you are hit by an uninsured motorist, you can still have the damage to your car repaired. There are deductible options available with Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) and the premiums are usually quite favorable.

Commonly Used Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

An auto insurance is a legal requirement in many states and not having an auto insurance policy for your vehicle can land you into trouble with the law or even a jail term. If you live in Colorado, auto insurance is a compulsory requirement.

Apart from it being a law requirement, it’s also important in case of an accident or theft. However, it is important for you to be as informed about the auto insurance terms as possible, this will save you money and make the policy configuration process and claims much easier. Below are some of the most commonly used auto insurance terms. If you live in or around Bailey, CO, you can contact Centennial State Insurance Agency for more information.

Comprehensive insurance

This is an auto insurance policy that will cover any damage to the policy holder’s vehicle that was not sustained in a motor vehicle collision such as an impact with an animal, theft, fallen objects, or fire.

Collision insurance

Collision insurance is the opposite of comprehensive insurance because this type of auto insurance policy insures the vehicle when it hits or is hit by another vehicle or when the car overturns.

Actual cash value

Actual cash value is the fair market price of your vehicle. It is usually compiled by taking the replacement cost of the vehicle minus depreciation.


If your vehicle is damaged because of another driver’s negligence, and you ask your insurance provider to settle your claims of damage to your vehicle, they will ask for the repayment from the other party. This process of payment recovery is called subrogation. Whereby your insurance provider will settle your insurance claims and then they will ask for the refund of the same amount from the party responsible for the accident or from the other party’s insurance company.


It is the amount the policy holder will pay when they make claims on their collision or comprehensive insurance policy. Usually, when you get a low priced policy, the deductible amount will be higher. When it’s a higher priced policy, the deductible will be lower.

For further assistance you can contact Centennial State Insurance Agency. Our agents can help start a policy and answer your questions. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance.

How not having commercial insurance can hurt your business

When owning a business it is vitally important to make sure both your company and your employees are well covered and protected. One type of insurance that is often overlooked is commercial insurance. If you have anyone in your company that must drive for work, or if you have a company that owns vehicles that are used for transportation, commercial insurance is an absolute necessity. Centennial State Insurance Agency, proudly serving the companies and residents of Bailey, CO, can help with your commercial insurance needs.

The Importance of a Commercial Coverage

Not having commercial auto insurance for your company is dangerous and can ultimately hurt or destroy your business. Commercial insurance is intended to protect your drivers, property, and any accidental damage that might be caused by an accident. Commercial insurance provides liability coverage and will cover any medical expenses that are the result of an accident. It makes sense then that commercial insurance is often considered the most important insurance a company can own. Therefore, there are tremendous risks of not having commercial insurance.

By not having commercial insurance the company can be at risk of not being able to provide the intended services of the company. An accident can put the company at risk of having interrupted service, losing a great deal of money to pay for damages, medical bills, or even have the company lose its property.

Losing your business because of a lack of proper insurance is a careless mistake and oversight. The residents of Bailey, CO can turn to Centennial State Insurance Agency for any help they may need while acquiring commercial insurance. Our experts are ready and eager to answer any questions you may have and are happy to start a new insurance policy or update an existing policy.

Things to know about home insurance

In most cases, people buy insurance not because they want to, but because they view it as a necessary evil. At first, it may feel like that because of the terms and conditions. But, when your house or property is damaged due to an unforeseen event, and your insurance cover caters for the damage, you will be very glad you signed up for it.

There are various kinds of insurance policies that you can get from your trusted insurance company. But what can apply to almost every individual is home insurance. Your home is most likely your biggest investment. You have spent so much building your home, and in the same spirit, you must also protect it from any unexpected events and at the same time protect your family.

Given that most people don’t understand insurance, Centennial State Insurance Agency which serves Bailey, CO, has taken the step to educate you on home insurance. We value your family and understand how much effort and time you have taken to build it. So, here is a glimpse of all you need to know about home insurance.

There are two types of home insurance coverage

The two covers include building cover and contents cover. With building insurance cover, your building which is the house structure is protected from fire, floods, malicious damage and storms among more. On the other hand, with contents insurance cover, all your belongings are covered against theft, vandalism, floods, fire and other unexpected events as long as they are included in your policy.

Home valuation is crucial

It is critical that you take a cover which is enough to cover your property in case of damage. To get the right value, we recommend that you do home valuation. Go from one room to another noting the value of each item you have.

Consider the option of new for old

At Bailey, CO, Centennial State Insurance Agency, we have the option of replacing your old product with a new product which is a new version of the old. That is instead of refunding you with money worth your old product. It is up to you to consider this option, but we highly recommend it.

There is more to home insurance. Please feel free to contact or visit our website for more information. Remember: we are here because of you.